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Iranian President [of regional security is also important to Japan] ... If you have been attacked Asian countries, whether or not to act? Russian military experts, published a military scenario in which a virtual enemy countries, including Japan. It has been thoroughly analyzed from the Chinese military of weakness until the potential of the Self-Defense Forces. In Athens of ancient Greece, that is the most talented commanders and said the generals Ifikuratesu, even when you camp in a city that has signed an alliance not only enemy territory, was cautious about Meguraseru a moat or fence around the camp . And are in your faction was asked what are you worried about him, he replied. [Not the word "unexpected" to the commander] In other words, even if not even if allied relations, Russia has always considered the potential to be betrayed in the country, but such the should be provided. The thing is, events in Syria in the past of history and modern speak for themselves eloquently. Advertisement inRead invented by Teads I can not do anymore in [without a] in emergencies Russia has always been relative to two of the enemy, that is, the [west of the enemy] [east of the enemy].

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