0 date Iraq invaded Kuwait

Iranian President [of regional security is also important to Japan] ... 0 tension of the date of Iraq over the Persian Gulf caused by the invasion of Kuwait political military was called the Gulf crisis. Western countries, including the United States, the aim of the leading of Iraq that the neighboring country Kuwait was invaded occupation is an oil-producing countries Saddam Hussein regime in the world is, it was vigorously repelled look to be in the world oil market. The UN Security Council requests the withdrawal over repeatedly for Iraq, in the same year and month Iraq is if you do not want to withdraw up to date was passed a resolution to admit to the Member States the use of force. Immediately after it expired, the war in Iraq bombing of a multinational force to the main US military has been started. War situation is transition to one of the overwhelming superiority of the multinational forces, a cease-fire and wiped out the Iraqi army from Kuwait has been established in the same year end of the month. But in spite of the defeat in the Gulf War, Hussein regime survived.

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